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Item Category Finished Size(mm) Standard Delivery status Application
Cold-rolled strip Carbon structural steel 0.25~3.00*30~200 GB/T716,GB/T,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Chilled, semi-soft, soft It is used for welded pipes, cold-formed steel, packing tape, cable with light steel keel, chains, hardware, stamping parts, the agricultural structural parts, auto parts industry,etc.
Alloy structural steel 0.25~3.00*30~200 GB/T,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Chilled,soft
High-quality carbon structural steel 0.25~3.00*30~200 GB/T3522,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Chilled,soft
Spring steel 0.25~3.00*30~180 GB/T5058,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Chilled,soft Hardware,Blade manufacturer,etc.
Carbon tool steel 0.25~3.00*30~180 GB/T5058,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Chilled,soft hardware,machinery blades,tools manufacturers,etc.
Stainless steel 0.25~3.00*30~180 GB/T4239,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Chilled,soft Tableware,cooking utensils,tools manufacturers,etc.
ammunition belt ,steel clip. 0.45~2.00*30~200 GB/T1495,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Soft status Military industry
Hot-rolled strip Carbon structural steel 1.8~4.0*100~240 GB/T3524,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Hot rolled-air cooled Welding black pipe,cold blank all types of structure steel,cold-formed steel.
Alloy tool steel wire 2.5~4.0*100~200 GB/T3524,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... air cooling hot rolled(annealed)
High-quality carbon structural steel 2.4~4.0*100~200 GB8749,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... air cooling hot rolled
Stainless steel 2.75~4.0*100~180 YB/T5090,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... air cooling hot rolled(annealed) cold-rolled steel billet and machinery manufacturers
Spring steel 2.40~4.0*100~190 AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... air cooling hot rolled hardware,saw manufacturers
Tool steel 2.4~4.00*100~200 AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... air cooling hot rolled Hardware,tool manufacturers
Wire High-quality carbon structural steel 0.20~15.00 GB/T3206,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... chilled
soft,pull gently
mechanical structural parts
nailing 2.00~9.00 Q/CB16,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... nailing manufacturers
Spoke 2.00~5.00 YB/T5005,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Bicycles,motorcycles spokes manufacturers
Alloy structural steel 0.20~15.00 YB/T5301,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Mould standard parts manufacturers
Alloy tool steel wire 0.20~15.00 YB/T095,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Mould standard parts manufacturers
Spring wire 0.20~15.00 YB/T5311,YB/T5318,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Spring manufacturers
Carbon tool steel wire 0.20~7.00 GB/T5952,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Tools and machinery parts manufacturers
cold Upsetting
Stainless steel wire
0.20~7.00 GB/T4232,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Manufacture of various stainless steel fasteners
Used for spring
Stainless steel wire
0.20~7.00 YB(T)11,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Manufacturing all kinds of stainless spring
Stainless steel wire 0.20~7.00 YB/T5092,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Shipbuilding, chemical industry, power plants, cars, stainless steel welding rod,etc.
Bearing steel wire 1.50~6.00 YB245,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Ball and roller bearings manufacturer
Welding wire 0.80~6.00 GB/T14957,AISI,SAE,ASTM,UNS,DIN,JIS... Welding rods manufacturers

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