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Data Table for: Steel Grades : Stainless Steel : 1.4117

Chemical composition(mass fraction)(wt.%)

Mechanical Properties

  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Unit
  • Young's modulus
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Fatigue
  • Yield strength
  • 200000 - 200000
  • 650 - 880
  • 8 - 25
  • 275 - 275
  • 350 - 550
  • MPa
  • MPa
  • %
  • MPa
  • MPa

Physical Properties

  • Quantity
  • Value
  • Unit
  • Thermal expansion
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Specific heat
  • Melting temperature
  • Density
  • Resistivity
  • 10 - 10
  • 25 - 25
  • 460 - 460
  • 1450 - 1510
  • 7700 - 7700
  • 0.55 - 0.55
  • e-6/K
  • W/m.K
  • J/kg.K
  • °C
  • kg/m3
  • Ohm.mm2/m

Heat Treatment:





Q & T

Can produce 1.4117 specifications and size

  • Steel grade
  • Specification
  • Processing range(mm)
  • 1.4117
  • 1.4117
  • 1.4117
  • 1.4117
  • 1.4117
  • 1.4117
  • Φ1 to Φ2000
  • 10 to 1000
  • 0.08 to 800(T)*10 to 1500(W)*Long
  • Pipe/tube/slugs/donuts/cubes/other shapes
  • OD: Φ4-410; WT: 1-35 mm
  • THK:0.1mm Width:1500mm




Cr   Ni  Mo  Other
 0.35-0.40  1.00  1.00  0.045  0.030  14.0-15.0    0.40-0.60  V  0.10-0.15

Company Instoduction:Sichuan Changcheng Special Steel Limited Liability
Company of Pan Steel Group(hereinafter referred to as PCSSC) Iocates in Jiangyou City,Sichuan Province,which former name is Changcheng Steel
Factory of Metallurgical Industry.It's built up in the year of 1965 and put into production in 1972.PCSSC has become one of the large core enterprises in Sichuan province and the important research and manufacture
base for special steel of China.In 1994,Changcheng special Steel Corporation ,the shareholding subsidiary of PCSSC has been listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.On June,2004,Pan steel Group reformed Changcheng Special Steel Company formally,and formed Sichuan Changcheng Special Steel
Limited Liability Company of Pan Steel Group.
At present,PCSSC has the annual production capacity to turn out 650,000
tons of special steel and 700,000 tons of finished steel products.It can supply users with 12 kinds of qualitative special steel and metal products
more than 350 grades,over 5000 dimensions on the international or national standard.The products can be widely used in all aspects of aviation,aerospace,shipbuilding,military industry,nuclear power and transportation,machine,petrochemical,medical instruments and so on.And sold to all of the country and exported into USA,Europe and Southeast Asia,etc.Some 34 products have awarded the title of the
National,Ministerial and Provincial level high-quality products.Also,product quality as cold-work mould steel has reached international level.After more than forty years development,PCSSC has grwn
into the important national special steel research and production base and military industry supporting enterprise and become irreplaceable imporyant force in the domains of national defense industry,aviation,aerospace,navigation and nuclear power.
Thereto,top-end products as titanium products and nuclear power tubes have strong market competitions and formed a new economic grow point.PCSSC is one of the three main military products and super alloyed steel production bases of China,which is on a par with the Northeast Special Steel and Special Steel of Bao Steel.It makes great contribution to insist
on self reliance,speed up national befense modern construction,to enhance our capability of independent innovation and insist on self-development to push forward nationalizing major equipment construction.
PCSSC insists the operation policy of pursuing special,holds the philossophy of "I have what you haven't,I expertise what you have",and adhere to the "science and technology enterprises,human resources enterpises,independent creation"idea,and insist on the operation principle"people oriented".The company has gradually formed a corporate identity which is "superior production technology,self-contained specialized equipment,strong technology research and development,high technology content",and realized the strategic objectives to build PCSSC as a maijr military manufacturing base,the domestic first-class Titanium steel bounded type fine steel bases and nuclear power production base.

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